Children And Adolescents With Eating Disorders Essay

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With our western culture and social media dominating our society body image (459) is very high and with that comes certain eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. As stated in the article, “Children and Adolescents with Eating Disorders: The state of the art”, “Reports of AN and BN are more common in industrialized nations where food is plentiful and where thinness for women is correlated with attractiveness.” We are constantly being exposed to images of models looking a certain way and even advertising to look like them by undergoing plastic surgery. This might seem like taboo to other nations but in our nation the notion of plastic surgery is something that is very normal. These disorders can start out small and can escalate very quickly in the form of being life threatening. These problems are connected to psychological problems as people tend to think that they are overweight and they really are not. People with this Anorexia Nervosa (460) also feel very depressed and exercise excessively in order to lose the supposed weight they see in themselves. Others tend to actually binge eat which is called Bulimia Nervosa (460) and throw up the food they ate because they felt guilty for eating. Some even take supplements in order to not feel hunger throughout the day. It is no secret that most of the runway models suffer from eating disorders as they have to maintain a certain image and some industries even demand the models to have a certain diet.

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