Children And Adolescents Are Victims Of School Bullying Essay

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• Many children and adolescents are victims of school bullying.
• Bullying include verbal bullying as well as physical bullying.
• Some children and adolescents are bullied because of differences among them.
• These differences include physical appearance, sex orientation and personality.
Thesis: Differences among young students’ physical appearance, sex orientation and socioeconomic cause school bullying.
• This paper will explore how each of these differences is a potential factor which causes bullying in school.

Paragraph 1:
Differences among children and teenagers’ physical appearance cause bullying in school.
• Physical appearance plays an important role when considering if someone is at-risk or not to be a potential victim of school bullying.
• According to Wong, Cheng, and Chen, the group of students with stigmatized appearance such as short, tall, sickly, overweight, or clumsy are more like to become victims of school bullying (Wong, et al. 283).
• These people are in what we call the “vulnerable students” since they are in disadvantages when it comes to meeting physical norms (Wong, et al. 283).
• Vulnerable students fail to meet physical norms which creates poor relationships with other students.
• Paul, a victim of bully, says that he was getting picked on at school because he was small (Side and Johnson 224).
• Norman, another victim of bully, says that he got picked on for having big ears (Side and Johnson 224).
• To sum up, vulnerable students…

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