Movie Analysis: Childlike Innocence

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Whenever poor or rich, childhood is the happiest time in every one’s whole life. Because childhood not only means people are most likely to be happy because of smallest desire, but also means something special significance and people always missing in the adult world, which is childlike innocence. The shape of Ali in film let people to see the simple rustic life contain the good of humanity and the power. Ali 's father at the beginning of the movie raps Ali didn 't help his mother, but he helped his father find the job in the town. People can see the grievances in Ali’s eyes when he is being accused, while also can see the satisfaction when he is being praised. This is what people called Childlike Innocence, because some little things will …show more content…
The beginning of the story is telling people how this is a poor family. However, the movie expressed is not allowing the audience to sympathize with poor families, instead of allowing the audience to admire that their positive and optimistic to face harsh life, and life is full of endless hope. Today 's society, many people are in a state of saturated substance and spiritual emptiness. People draw a equal sign between money and subjective well-being. All levels of society widening wealth gap and uneven distribution of benefits result contemporary society are widespread pessimism and negative. Children of Heaven’s appears precisely to tell these people the value of life is not limited to have a favorable living environment and countless material wealth. However, spiritual wealth is closely linked to human well- being. Ali and sister after finding the girl who wearing shoes, but her father is blind, and they give up the idea of his shoes back. Indian has a old saying: roses given to others, fragrance left in your hand. Helping others is a happiness performance. In the movie, father always feel anxiety about the rent of house, but when he made money he promise Ali he will let them move in a bigger house. They seems never lose hope in life. The poor life did not hit the family, and let them become stronger and more independent, while

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