Childhood Essay

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Sharnise Marshall
May28, 2015
EOE Essay

Childhoods On my personal experience and other experiences, Lareau's argument that middle and upper parents use concerted cultivation and working class parents use natural growth is inaccurate because I grew up in an african american,working-poor class family and I did not have as many oppurinties as middle class families did . Such as having the latest clothes or shoes, not being able to sign up for every activity and always remember on a household budget. In research to Unequal Childhood, its states, "the majority of the poorer, working class participants had either dropped out of high school or not attended post-secondary instititutions, or if they had, had not
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Further, children are expected to manage their after-school and weekend activities on their own, again with little participation of parents. In a word, the children in such homes, housed, fed and clothed adequately, are expected to grow up naturally, without the constant monitoring and periodic intervention of parents. In most cases, such children are sent out into the world essentially unmentored. As I reflect on her reading my personal experiences can some what relate to what she was studying. When being a child I remember my mother working all the time and me really never seeing her. My aunt and uncle helped raise my sisters and I. We tought to right from wrong, how to respect elders,go to school and to stay in a child's place.My fun on the weekend was going to stay over a cousins house for the weekend .As a child I was giving the oppurnity to play sports because it was at low cost but when it was over I went back to be a "boring kid again". Although things were little rough we was always there for each other as family, to sometimes realize we we were the only ones who struggled. I would sometimes spend the night over friends house and realizing they had it worst than me or visiting middle class family that had more than my family did wasn't a family as a whole. When becoming of age I remember getting a job while in high school to help when things got tight such as electric or giving

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