Childhood Vaccinations And Their Regulations Essay

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Society has made monumental advances in the prevention of diseases due to vaccines. They have singlehandedly helped to make measles, polio, and even tuberculosis virtually extinct. However, there are still people who do not believe in vaccines, specifically, childhood vaccinations. The topic of childhood vaccinations and their regulations are causing quite the uproar and debate in today’s society. Religious exemptions to some of the vaccine regulations in order for a child to go to school need to be stricter. If it were more difficult for someone to get away with not vaccinating their child for “religious purposes”, it would be harder for people to claim “religious exemptions” to avoid having to vaccinate their child. Some people believe that childhood vaccinations can cause autism and other neurological syndromes. While there is a possibility of minor adverse reactions to a vaccine, such as fever, headache, or fatigue, there has been no evidence of a concrete correlation between vaccinations and autism. Some parents are also against vaccinations because they believe that they contain harmful ingredients that could have a negative effect on their child. However, the amount of the ingredients present in a vaccine, like aluminum or various preservatives, are so minimal that they will not cause harm to a child. Those on the other side of the argument believe that there should be stricter regulations for childhood vaccinations, excluding religious exemptions. They believe that…

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