Childhood Vaccination Resistance And A Culture Of Health Essay

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In the article, “Risk is for the rich? Childhood vaccination resistance and a Culture of Health,” authors Mabel Berlin and Alicia Eads investigate the phenomenon of childhood vaccination resistance among affluent communities. Vaccinations have contributed greatly to the advancement of modern medicine. Millions of lives have been saved due to the developments of vaccines that protect against diseases from polio to the measles. However, in the past few decades there has been a growing trend of privileged parents refusing to vaccinate their children because they associate alternate risks with the vaccines themselves. These parents let perceived threats, such as the claim that a link exists between vaccinating and autism or mistrust in government …show more content…
Interestingly, this study analyzes a pattern in the social dynamics of health equity that has not come up frequently in other readings; social inequity doesn 't always translate to inequitable access to resources. This is the idea that sometimes when individuals are privileged enough to have access to certain forms of medical care –– in this case, vaccinations –– they still choose not to take advantage of these treatments. Often in discussions of health equity the focus is put on making sure medical treatments or preventative measures are accessible to everyone. These discussions usually place an emphasis on expanding care to impoverished or disadvantaged communities. In this case, those who can access vaccinations for their children refuse to do so because they have determined that vaccines are actually putting their children in danger. Affluent groups in this way have the privilege to choose what risks are the most pressing in regards to their own children and as a result, the greater community. Ironically, while many parents feel that making vaccines mandatory is unethical because it is allowing a third party to have control over their children’s health, these parents are in a similar manner, making the health of millions of other individuals their

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