Childhood Trauma And Complex Trauma Essay

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I am not currently in a field placement, but my first placement was at a homeless facility for veterans. The most common theme among this population was childhood trauma and complex trauma. This was true for the veteran’s I worked with and the overall population at the facility (based on conversations with my supervisor). There were many ways which their past trauma and military trauma impact this population, with the most common impact seen by myself were issues with addiction, interpersonal relationship issues, trust issues, legal issues, and a wide range of mental health disorders. The most common mental health issues were PTSD, Childhood PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, bipolar, psychotic disorders, and histories of suicidal ideation and/or suicide attempts. This of coarse did not apply to all the veterans, even some with traumatic pasts. The nature of the placement was such that I did not explore their past beyond what was shared in the assessment or that would occasionally be discussed in other meetings with the veterans. All of the veterans I worked with spoke of their past in a matter of fact way, they did not have emotional reactions when speaking with me. That being said more than one veteran expressed they were not sure why they shared some personal information with me and disclosed that I was the first person they shared this information with. I did not find it challenging to hear their stories and this is something I discussed with my supervisor. I was surprised…

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