Childhood Smoking Prevention Within Australia Essay

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Childhood smoking prevention in Australia

Australia is one of the countries which has a decent result in reducing children smoking through implementing World Health Organization Framework on Tobacco Control strategies to decrease tobacco sales(1).However, the childhood smoking situation cannot be ignored. Adolescents who are exposed to smoking areas in their early ages are more likely to become smoker afterwards, so protecting children from smoking environment is important to reduce smoking(2).A survey analyses the data from the 1999 Australian School Students Alcohol and Drug Survey and finds that 14 years old is the most important time for teenage to elevate their tobacco use amount(3). This study also shows that if policy-makers deter to introduce an intervention to teenage trailer smoker, around a thousand of them will become regular smoker monthly(3).In addition, the adolescent period is the best time to quit smoking compared with adulthood (4). Therefore, the public urgent researchers and policy-makers to make contributions to protecting children from smoking. In the first part, this essay will analyse different risk factor on childhood tobacco consumption. Then, some potential strategies will be given regards for different risk factors and examples will be used to support these strategies. Finally, this essay will conclude the key points and give a brief recommendation about how to implement the strategies.

Risk factor
Childhood tobacco consumption is…

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