Childhood Sexual Abuse Rates Have Become Extremely High Essay

812 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
Childhood sexual abuse rates have become extremely high. In between the eighties and nineties the rate of childhood sexual abused increased three hundred and twenty- two percent. In 2002 alone, 73 million boys and 150 million girls all under the age of 18 were sexually abused. Since then the numbers have continued to increase. The majority of the time the perpetrator is someone that the child knew. This article would benefit early childhood education teachers by providing signs and symptoms to look out for, effects that could be short term or long term, and strategies to use when educators suspect that abuse is being done to a child. The first reason this article is important to teachers is because this article gives signs and symptoms that early childhood education teachers could look out for. These signs and symptoms are short term effects of being abused. One of these include physical signs; such as, urinary tract infections, swelling or rashes in the genital areas, sexually transmitted diseases, headaches, and chronic stomach pain. Emotional symptoms that teachers could look out for include depression, anxiety, anger, rebellion, and suicidal personality. Behavioral signs that teachers could be on the lookout for if suspicion arises are bed wetting, nightmares, irritability, eating problems, secretiveness, fear of people and places, withdrawal from people, reenactment of the sexual abuse, and refusal to attend school. Finally, teachers could look out for sexual symptoms…

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