Childhood Sexual Abuse Left Untreated Can Contribute to Essay

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Childhood Sexual Abuse Left Untreated Can Contribute To
Juvenile Delinquency and Psychological Disorders.

Every year thousands of children are abused. This abuse can be physical, emotional or sexual in nature. All forms of abuse are wrong, all forms of abuse are harmful, but childhood sexual abuse can cause major emotional and physical harm in our adolescents. Before we can properly treat these victims we must first have a solid grasp of how and why sexual abuse occurs, the typical effects of the abuse and how the abuse changes the child's stages of development. In recent years a great deal of interest has been placed on delinquent behavior and the causes that contribute to it. Media blames music, movies, games, and videos, but
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Many believe relatives such as fathers, mothers, cousins, brothers, and uncles perpetrate this form of abuse. However, non-family members such as friends, neighbors, and babysitters usually perpetrate it. J. Wheatin, PhD. Young girls forced to have sex are three times more likely to develop psychiatric disorders than those who were never sexually abused as children. K. Kendler MD, (2000), 57 953-959. Ninety-five percent of teenage prostitutes have been sexually abused as children. CCPCA, (1992) and thirty-one percent of women incarcerated state that they had been sexually abused as children. U.S. Department of Justice, (1993). To cope with the effects of the abuse many begin to disassociate, this is their way of coping with the abuse especially in children who often feel they cannot escape their abuse so in turn they withdraw from this horrific experience by separating from consensus awareness. On the extreme side of the disassociation you
have those who develop multiple personalities and schizophrenia. Studies have shown women who were subjected to severe sexual abuse during childhood suffer from long- term disturbances of the psyche. This is due to the Hippocampus—the part of the brain that deals with short-term memory. Thus sexual abuse can "rewire" the developing brain of a child. Abnormalities may include: changes in the Limbic System that control emotions, which usually affects the left hemisphere of the brain, which can contribute to depression, and

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