Childhood Sexual Abuse ( Csa ) Essay

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Childhood sexual abuse (CSA) is one of the most stressful things any human being could ever go through. You could only imagine the types of obstacles these victims have to face on a daily basis; this makes coping with stress all the more difficult. CSA causes a significant amount of stress on the body; this type of stress can directly effect a person’s ability to cope, their immune function and their overall health. There are long-term effects to CSA as well. These long-term effects damage all aspects of a person well-being (Wilson, 2012). Because of this, stress management and prevention play an important role when it comes to the holistic care of CSA survivors. Sexual abuse can be hard to define because of the many different forms it can take on, but the most common definition is any sexual contact with a minor where the perpetrator is more than five years older than the victim (Wilson, 2012). There are many forms of CSA. Sexual abuse can involve a relative or it can be a complete stranger. It can be violent, such as being raped, or it can be nonviolent. Forms of CSA that do not involve touching, which would be considered a nonviolent type of CSA, include showing a minor child pornographic videos, assaulting them through the internet, or manipulating them into taking pornographic photos; even though these children were never touched in a sexual manner they were still exposed to sexual content, which no child should ever have to endure. No matter the form, the victim of…

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