Essay about Childhood Of South American Descent

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A teenager, or teen, is any person whose age falls within the range from thirteen to nineteen years old. The term teenager derives from the fact that all of the numbers within this age range use the suffix -teen. It is a word that is used by various different people, and it is also prominent in many different cultures. Most cultures traditionally hold a formal celebration to mark the transition from childhood to adolescence, or, in other words the child’s ‘coming of age’. For example, people of South American descent often hold a party known as a quinceañera to celebrate a girl becoming a woman, and communities with Jewish backgrounds celebrate a child’s coming of age with a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. Adolescence is another name for the age period in which an individual is considered a teenager. Throughout puberty, rapid mental and physical growth occurs, drastically changing the appearance and personality of a child. For most, this is often a very confusing time. Before the Second World War, teens were barely recognized in society. The phenomenon of the stereotypical group of teenagers did not begin until the early 1950s, where the identity and cultures arose for those who fit into the category of a teenager. Throughout the 1950s, teenagers established unique identities and were finally set apart from their older and younger counterparts.
What started the creation of ‘teenage culture’?
The 1950s is when the word teenager was first created due to the large…

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