Example Of Early Child Observation

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I spent an hour observing a very rambunctious two year old named Linkin. This child is average height and average weight, and he is currently attending a daycare a few times a week. He has brown hair, dark brown eyes, and seems to be the cutest that a child could be. The observation took place in a home setting from about 5:30 PM until 6:30 PM. There were two other children present, which happened to be his siblings. His sister is ten years old, and was only present for about half of the observation, and his five year old brother was there for the observation. There were two adults present including myself. Right as I walked through the door of Linkin’s house, the dogs started to bark. Linkin walked up the stairs to see who was here. It seems as if he has reached nearly all of the developmental milestones that a two year old should. He displayed many of these milestones, including walking up the stairs without any help. There was a point in time that Linkin was interested in a helium balloon. Whenever it would float off and he could not reach it on his tiptoes, he would get onto the couch and try to reach it from there. …show more content…
He is potty trained and able to understand that he can not go to the bathroom wherever he wants to. Being potty trained can give a child a sense of control and independence. There were some things that were out of his control though. He wanted to eat raw sugar instead of eating his dinner. He ate a few bites of his dinner and did not argue again for the sugar. He also wanted his dinner on the blue plate instead of the one that he already had. We compensated for this by putting his plate on top of the blue plate, and he was happy. He showed that he wanted to be independent by brushing the dog all by himself. He did it for a few seconds, and I could tell that he felt proud that he was helping. It was obvious that Linking feels the desire to be

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