Childhood Obesity: a Growing Epidemic Essay

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Childhood Obesity: A Growing Epidemic
Obesity is a growing epidemic that has not only plummeted the state of the nation’s health and welfare but has increased the health risks of a growing majority, childhood obesity. Childhood Obesity has become a eminent problem through unhealthy eating habits passed on from parents to children at home, the prevalence of fast food restaurants at every corner resulting in a ever growing middle class, the next generation.
Childhood Obesity is as a result of poor eating habits taught to the children from their parents. The unavailability of parents to provide enriching foods for their young ones has resulted in an increase number of obese preschoolers. In a recent study by Dr. Glenn Flores, a Pediatrics
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With the prevalence of fast food restaurants on every corner of every avenue it has raised the hurdle of maintaining a healthy diet to an even higher point. Parents in minority are having less and less time to spend with their children and as such are unavailable to prepare salubrious dishes for them. This encourages them, the children, to eat out more often and to practice various eating habits detrimental to their health. In a study by epidemiologist Dr. Andrea Sharma she proposes that in order for changes in childhood obesity and obesity on a whole there needs to be some form encouragement to understand good nutrition and promote physical activity. She encourages this by way of increasing the intake of water and fruits and lessening that of sweetened beverages and high calorie foods
Childhood Obesity is on the increase and even though not one factor can be blamed for its increase , the underlying fact is that there needs to be a change in what is being done now. It’s a matter of children living what they learn and if it is being done in the home its more likely that it will be done by them. Therefore if bad eating habits are being practiced at home it is only congruent that they will do the same. But if the family can be encouraged to make better choices that results in children adapting to more enriching practices thus a reduction in the levels of obesity , not only in children but

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