Childhood Obesity : The Problem Of Obesity Essay

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Childhood Obesity in Mississippi
Children in Mississippi are facing one of the most deadly problems of the century: obesity. Obesity is one of the biggest problems Mississippi has faced in the past and will face in the future. Children are the future of Mississippi, so if they defeat obesity in children today then it will make a huge dent in obesity in the future. There are many ways to go about addressing obesity in Mississippi, but all of them require Mississippians to unite and take on this problem together.
Childhood obesity rates are through the roof in Mississippi. According to Anne Buffington from the Social Sciences Dept. at Mississippi State University, “the combined rate of overweight and obesity among Mississippi students in grades K-12 in 2011 was 40.9%” (Buffington et al 1). This alarming statistic means that four out of every ten children in Mississippi will go throughout life plagued by obesity. These children will face a lifetime of complications in their life due to this disease. Obesity causes physical, psychological, and social problems in addition to the more commonly associated heart health risks (Amis et al 1). Ironically, the most alarming fact about this disease is that it is preventable. The fact that this disease is preventable begs the question: what are Mississippians doing to fight obesity?
The first and most obvious way to fight childhood obesity is through the use of diet and exercise. According to John Amos from the University of Edinburgh,…

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