Essay about Childhood Obesity : The Issue Of Obesity

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In today’s society, the issue of obesity has plagued our nation’s youth and has encouraged serious discussion about the plan required to solve this epidemic. Childhood obesity kills about thirty-four children per hour around the world, and causes about three hundred and sixty-five deaths a year in the United States alone (Nemet 48). According to the researcher Dan Nemet, “today about one in three American kids and teens are overweight or obese” (49). Childhood obesity arises as a result of inactivity and poor eating habits and can worsen if not dealt with initially. Also, the United States has become so reliant on efficiency that children have become a victim of their parents electing to sacrifice health for convenience in terms of food. Children have always been a product of the traits and ideals instilled in them by their parents. Therefore, parents must keep their kids healthy through the right diet and physical activity in order to avoid emotional issues, academic performance problems, and long-term health side effects. One of the most effective methods employed to combat childhood obesity includes a combination of physical activity and a regulated diet. Studies have indicated that just thirty minutes of exercise daily can significantly reduce the risk of developing childhood obesity (Emmett and Jones 180). Parents play a key role in the prevention of childhood obesity since their children typically take after their habits and preferences in terms of food choice and…

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