Childhood Obesity: The Effects In Physical And Mental Health

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Obesity is one of the most difficult conditions to treat because it is not treatable with medication. The person effected by it truly has to want to make a lifestyle change
(“Childhood Obesity: The Effects in Physical and Mental Health”). Thirty Percent of obese adults were first obese as children. Obesity causes 300,000 deaths every year.
Nearly one billion dollars are estimated to have been spent on society’s annual cost due to this disease (“Childhood Obesity: The effects on Physical and Mental Health”).
Children who are overweight have a more likely chance to develop health problems such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. All those are associated with heart disease in adults. Type 2 diabetes was considered an adult condition all
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Most children will endure all three of these.
One study interviewed one hundred and six children (“Childhood Obesity: The Effects in
Physical and Mental Health”). The children were asked questions like what their quality of life was based off of walking one block, playing sports, wellness of sleep, how they get along with others, and how they do keeping up with school. After being asked, the children had tests done on the physical aliments. Test results were so low, they resembled the results of a cancer patient (“Childhood Obesity: The Effects in Physical and Mental Health”). Society puts such an image on “What a child should look like.”
Girls believe they should be a size two and boys believe they should be able to lift two hundred and fifty pounds with a flick of the wrist. All of this leads to mental faults on the image of the child’s body and leads (“Childhood Obesity: The Effects in Physical and
Mental Health”). With low self-esteem, with addition to anxiety, the child may form depression. Children who suffer this may lose interest in normal activities, sleep more than usual and/or cry a lot more than usual. Some kids will hide their sadness
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Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of conditions, not a disease. This syndrome can out your child at risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other health issues. The conditions that are involved in this syndrome include high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and excess abdominal fat (Mayo Clinic Staff, “Childhood Obesity: Complications”). Poor diet is one of the main reasons children develop high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Buildup of plague in the arteries is the number one way to be diagnosed with these two conditions. Plaque can harden your veins and make them narrow. All of this can lead to a heart attack (Mayo Clinic Staff, “Childhood Obesity: Complications”). Extra weight on a child’s body can cause problems in the development of the child’s lungs. The most known lung condition os asthma. Many other breathing problems can develop. Another risk of obesity is to form a sleep disorder (Mayo Clinic Staff, “Childhood Obesity:
Complications”). Obstructive apnea is usually present of your child snores or has abnormal breathing when he or she is sleeping. Hormone imbalances can be created

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