Childhood Obesity Research Paper

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Hawai’i Pacific University

The relationship between income and childhood obesity

Barbara Can
Ms. Amber Leonard
WRI 1200
Mar 1, 2011

Just take a short drive down any main street in a popular city and you will drive past no less than eight fast food restaurants and three convenient stores within a couple of blocks from each other. If that is the route driven on your way home every day from work and you don’t feel up to making a home cooked meal, what do you think your family will be eating that night. It is sometimes cheaper to buy a cheeseburger off of the value menu rather than cooking one at home. Fast food is a large reason why childhood obesity takes place. Fast food restaurants do not
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Knowledge of the problem can help reduce the quick rising rate of obesity. Children have a thirst for knowledge, from birth, children are constantly learning new things, sometimes as parents we forget to teach the things that are important, such as nutritional value. Often times people witness the out of control child with their parents crying, pouting, pounding their fist, screaming, basically every annoying thing in the book possible, all for some soda, or a piece of candy. Children are constantly being spoiled and given everything they desire not knowing the outcome of that. As a witness and a parent, it seems easier to give the child what they want so they don’t make a scene, but the easy way out is not always the best. If a child continually eats happy meals, candy, drink soda and juice filled with sugar, they will most likely have health problems and could become obese.
There have been fast food restaurants that have been sued because [they] made their child obese, but who has the power and the overall decision in feeding the child and feeding them what they should be eating. Sometimes it is easier to blame things on others so you don’t have to feel the guilt of turning a child obese because of their decisions. Even though children

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