Childhood Obesity Research Paper Outline

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Child obesity is a wide spread epidemic in the United States. It continues to grow and spread all throughout the country. It has affected millions of children over the past decade. With growing numbers of both physical and emotional diseases in children caused by obesity some might argue that parents should be held accountable for their children’s nutritional well being and their overall health. Parents are responsible for their children and failure to properly take care of them could lead to an investigation of child abuse. Should parents, who have allowed their child to become physically obese, be charged with child abuse? The neglect, emotional and physical side effects of obesity and the issues that arise from them should be considered a form of child abuse. (Childhood Obesity Facts)
II. Child abuse is when a parent or legal guardian causes death, injury, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child. The failure to act or take action to prevent these things can also be considered child abuse. Child obesity can be describe as a child who weights above the normal amount for their age or height or have a high level of excess body fat which can cause
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Poor diets, reduced levels of activity, and the lack of parental supervision are contributing to these elevated numbers. Child abuse is serious and should never be over looked when dealing with the overall well being our children in every aspect of their lives most importantly their health. The question rather or not child obesity should be considered child abuse will and continue to be debated. Obesity affects a child both physical and mentally and can lead to serious complication and emotional scars that children can live with the rest of their lives. It’s the responsibility of the parent to ensure their children are living a healthy and safe life and if they are not, they should be convicted of child

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