Childhood Obesity Is The Standard American Diet Essay

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In America today it is very common to see obesity in people of all ages. The most daunting, however, is the growing prevalence of obesity in children. The numbers just seem to keep rising and rising making this a major cause for concern. The main causes of childhood obesity are the Standard American Diet, the overly-busy lifestyles of parents, and the lack of physical exercise. Firstly, the Standard American Diet is what the average American eats on a regular basis. The SAD greatly contributes to obesity in children because it contains mostly calorie rich, addictive foods that are high in sugar, sodium, fats, and oils, while being alarmingly low in nutritious, natural foods. Unfortunately, the addictive properties of these calorie-dense, so-called foods make them much more appealing to children. For instance, if a child was offered a bowl of macaroni and cheese and a snickers for lunch or a turkey sandwich on wheat and an apple, he would almost certainly choose the former. He would crave the instant gratification that the chemicals, sugar, salt, and fat of the former would give him over the physical health benefits accompanying the latter. Children do not think ahead in the future or consider their own long term health, which is why it up to the parents to provide their kids with healthy nutritious options for meals and snacks. Secondly, the average American parent has an exceedingly busy lifestyle. When trying to balance life and their careers, on top of their…

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