Essay about Childhood Obesity : Common Sense

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Childhood Obesity
Common sense seems to dictate that fast food is often responsible for childhood obesity, as well as food provided by schools. I have always believed that parents take a bigger responsibility in the nutrition values that they provide for their children. They are the ones responsible for what their children eat because, they are the ones that are able to control their children and teach them what nourishments are good and which ones are not.
Parents take full control to what they buy at the grocery store. They are also the ones that introduce food to their children first. They have the option to choose healthy snacks such as: fruits that have been cut up, vegetables, or nutritious bars instead of fattening chips, cookies, or ice cream. If the parent only buys junk food, then the child will only consume junk. There have been lawsuits trying to sue some named brands of snacks for kids such as Kellogg. Cesar Azayus, who is a business development executive mentioned that any lawsuit placed against snacks is “ridiculous” because the brand does not have to do anything with child hood obesity it is not their problem. The brand company should not have fault for what the child eats, everything really depends on the customer that will consume it. They are not forcing anyone to consume their products; they are not begging anyone at their door. When eating unhealthy foods and snacks, children need to be taught to eat in consideration to what is beneficial to health and…

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