Childhood Obesity : Can It Really Be Child Neglect? Essay

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It is not uncommon to see request for help to feed starving children in the media, but have you ever seen a request to help an overweight child? The growing trend of childhood obesity is receiving very limited attention. The likelihood of an obese child being an obese adult is strong, and the link between obesity and disease is proven. These connections indicate that it will become not only a social issue, but a healthcare and economic issue in the lives of these children. It is difficult to determine when intervention needs to happen, how much right should given to a parent to choose what they allow their child to do and finally what should be the consequence if it is determined that the obesity is caused from neglect. “Childhood Obesity: Can It Really Be Child Neglect?” was published in the April 2014 edition of the International Journal of Childbirth Education. Author Abbie Goldbas, holds a Master of Education and a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree and specialized in Family Court law and child advocacy. She became interested in the topic because of her experiences in the Family Court system combined with a desire to help women lead healthy lives. Her goal is not for parents to be prosecuted, but to help children receive the proper care and nutrition they need to lead healthy lives. In the abstract, she describes the extent of the problem effecting more than 13 million children and poses the question, Are these children obese due to the neglect of their parents? She…

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