Childhood Obesity And The United States Essay

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One out of three kids are considered overweight in the United States (Obesity Youth). Today’s society faces many challenges, one of which is childhood obesity. Childhood obesity has become a major epidemic in today’s society. Obesity to an average healthy individual may seem like no big deal, but in reality it is the second leading cause of mortality in the United Sates. Childhood obesity is a problem that needs to be controlled now before it escalates into our future as a society as a whole. This epidemic can be helped by empowering caregivers, providing healthy food in schools, creating access to healthy and affordable food, and increasing physical activity in our lives.
Years ago, obesity was not nearly as prevalent in society. The numbers of obese children were not nearly as high in previous years because the lifestyle choices the children made were different than that of a child today. In the earlier years of our nation children were more physically active due to the life style presented to them they typically walked to school most days and did not have the technology kids have today. The technological advancements of today’s society helps influence kids to sit inside and watch television or play on an electronic device. These days’ children have activities that can keep them entertained without having to get off the couch or let alone out of bed. If children were more active today as they were in the past, then childhood obesity may not be as large of a problem as it…

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