Childhood Obesity And The Obesity Epidemic Essay

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Did you know that childhood obesity rates have doubled in the last couple of decades? Obesity is the existence of excess fat in the body. It is a huge cause of many serious diseases that include diabetes, cancer and heart failure (“Childhood Obesity Facts”). The skyrocketing number of obese children is due to the less active and less nutritious lifestyle society has accepted. Children are less active, and the food available to them at school and home is far from what their growing bodies need. Programs such as Let’s Move! by Michelle Obama have been created to educate families and children on proper nutrition (“Learn the Facts”). Programs like these are helping, but the issue still continues to grow. If childhood obesity is not put to an end soon, it is projected that seventy million children will be obese by 2025 (“Commission Prevents”). There is a growing concern about the poor nutritional habits leading to the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States. Childhood obesity has crept up on American society within the last couple of decades. Before electronic entertainment became so popular, children would play outside and be active to entertain themselves. Home cooked meals were more abundant with fast food being a treat every once and a while. These normalities have quickly faded away with the explosion of video games and the beloved fast food. Compared to the children in the 1970s, children today consume fifteen more pounds of sugar annually. They also eat thirty…

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