Childhood Obesity And Obesity : A Longitudinal Study By Jennifer Van Hook And Claire Altman

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There are researches that have been done in the effects of Obesity. Childhood obesity is a multi-faced problem in the United States. Studies about whether or not schools selling junk foods, sweet and salty snack, and soft drinks can raise the risk of child obesity. It will also discuss if how psychological distress affects a child’s life. All of these topics are relevant to this paper that will help people understand what are some of possible causes of obesity and how it affect a life.
Part I: Child Obesity and Food sales in School Competitive Food Sales in Schools and Childhood Obesity: A longitudinal Study by Jennifer Van Hook and Claire Altman focuses on the how competitive food sales may or may not affect child obesity. It was unknown whether schools sells what is known as “competitive foods” such as soft drinks, candy bars and chips. According to the article, between 1994 and 2000, it increase about 61 percent to 67 percent of middle schools selling soda in vending machines on school grounds while 88 percent to 96 percent in high school and it is said that it increase even more in recent years. The authors state some arguments in this case, one is that competitive foods can directly increase calories of the children by increasing the opportunities to buy junk foods and soft drinks. On the other hand, it may also increase children’s weight indirectly by advertising both in and out of school and also children may seek for this kind of food if the school restricts them…

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