Childhood Obesity And Its Effects On Children Essay

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This paper will be discussing childhood obesity and gives ways to improve one’s lifestyle. I will be giving information all about this topic that is accurate based on official websites and readings. I will be giving ways to change children’s lifestyles that are healthy and explain how it will benefit them and help prevent childhood obesity. I have also interviewed a high school teacher of mine that will give her input on this topic.

Preventing Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity has more than doubled over the past thirty years according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Childhood Obesity Facts). Choosing healthier lifestyles for children will decrease obesity risks as well as diseases that come along with obesity. Some healthy lifestyles are healthy eating and become involved with physical activity at schools. Parents should encourage their children to follow through with this as well as helping choose healthy lifestyles for them. Sometimes kids are more determined to do things when they see their parents encourage them. If children are allowed to continue the poor and unhealthy lifestyles that are growing around the world, the future will lead humans into having more diseases and unhealthy affects due to obesity.
According to Medicine Plus, obesity just means that you have too much body fat, which is different than being overweight, meaning you weigh more than your height and age (par. 1). Obesity can lead to several…

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