Childhood Obesity And Its Effect On Children Essay

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Just in the last 30 years alone obesity has more than doubled in children alone. Childhood obesity is defined, in the medical world, as a medical condition when a child who is dramatically overweight and has excess body fat for their age group and their height. Obesity affects about 20% of children in the world and this number is increasing year by year. Childhood obesity is a medical condition that affects children of all race, ages and height. Obesity in children is more common than people may think. Every 1 in 3 children has childhood obesity. This is a condition that is starting to affect more and more children each year which is just leading to more health conditions.
Childhood obesity can be traced back all the way to the early 1960’s but has increased rapidly since then. Childhood obesity was stable in the years 1960 - 1970 but after that, it began increasing fast and has ever since then. The first test that determined if people were obese was conducted in 1963. The rate of obese in children has more than doubled. In 1980 the obese rate was only about 7% and then in 2012 the rate was all the way raised to 18%. The rate is rising year by year and in only about 30 years it was over doubled and even almost tripled. The United States is the country that suffers more than any other country with children who are obese. In the United States childhood obesity is one of the main health concerns for children because so many children suffer from it.. ⅓ of children in the…

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