Essay about Childhood Obesity And Its Causes

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Obesity and its causes can be conquered and totally eradicated when everyone plays their role. Parents, our government leaders in all levels, schools, health care providers, and even the fast food chains have to be involved in reducing child obesity and saving our young generations. According to Lueka, “factors such as larger portion sizes, high-fat food consumption, sedentary lifestyles, and genetic predispositions contribute to childhood obesity (Lueka, 2011). From national point, Michelle Obama started the "eat healthy in schools" campaign, which is why our local school’s menus has changed. Schools in our area adopted Mrs. Obama’s changes to the fruits, vegetables, and the limit of sodium, and sugar consumptions. These changes made their way to our local schools but not in full desire and this is an opportunity for school leaders to embrace and strengthen it. This is also an opportunity for parents to start implementing at their homes so it can a cooperative effort in all levels. Mrs. Obama and our local leaders are campaigning constantly to make physical activities and healthy foods as the key for living a healthy lifestyle but they lack the full support from all levels. It is true that physical activities along with healthy eating can prevent obesity and many chronic diseases that are awaiting our children if changes are not implemented. It is also true that physical activities and healthy eating help to control weight, reduce fat, and decrease the risk of obesity.…

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