Childhood Obesity : An Issue Of Concern Essay

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Childhood obesity is an issue of concern in the United States. It is considered a lifestyle disease with many contributing factors, such as genetics, economic, social, psychological and environmental factors (Newson, et. al, 2013). Obesity is described as the most widespread threat to health and well being of individuals. It has a negative effect for the individuals, local communities and to the society as a whole. Research has posed that obesity services should combine dietary, physical activity and behavioral factors (Newson, et. al, 2013). Obesity is defined as a body mass index equivalent or greater than the 95th percentile of a child 's body weight or body mass index more than 30 kg/ms (WHO, 2010). Obesity identifies biologically those children who will later in life develop comorbidities, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and musculoskeletal problems. the rise in childhood obesity for the past ten years has been very alarming. It was noted that Overweight and obesity now rank as the 5th leading risk factor for death. It is also estimated that Overweight and Obesity are attributed to 44% in diabetes development, 23% in ischemic heart disease and 7 to 41 % of some certain cancers (WHO, 2010). Its negative health impact in children cannot be overemphasized. Such negative impacts include, difficulty breathing, increased fracture risks, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, impaired insulin tolerance, sleep apnea, and psychological problems (WHO, 2010).

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