Childhood Obesity : An Every Day Essay

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An Every Day Battle

There is no denying that as the society grows and develops more and more every day, obesity keeps being a serious and life threatening medical situation. Childhood obesity no longer forms part of a small percentage in the statistics of the country, instead, is considered the number one disease found in the young population. For many people obesity is a lost cause and for others is not a disease just a lifestyle, without realizing how preventable obesity is, the potential consequences that this type of behavior can bring into one’s life and society overall, are catastrophic.
Today’s society is raising little kids by surrounding them of fast food and sugar. Fast food chains like McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s are contributing to an unhealthy grow, and eventually a young population full of diseases like obesity and diabetes. What is even scarier is that, being our young population the future generation, nothing is being done to stop this, especially at schools. The First Lady Michelle Obama, took the first step by proposing a campaign: “Let’s move”, which eradicates childhood obesity by changing the meal plans in the different schools of the country, and while this has been great and has proven to be an improvement for the young generation, there is still more that needs to be done. Many probably don’t realize that childhood obesity is preventable, and that as part of the society every person needs to contribute. Schools need to…

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