Childhood Obesity : An Epidemic Essay

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Imagine that you have a six-year old- daughter that is perfect in every way, except she is overweight. You allow her to eat high calorie foods and drink sugary juices whenever she asks for them. You watch as her face becomes rounder and her clothing size surpasses that of the average six year old. Leap forward by four years, and, at age 10, she is now considered obese by medical standards. You realize you need to help her wither eating practices but she is already set in her ways of eating fast food and candy. As a teenager, she has low self-esteem and considers food as her only comfort. By adulthood, she is still considered obese and is paying for that with higher insurance premiums and medical expenses along with a greater cost of living than the average weight adult. There must have been something that could have been done at an early age to prevent this problem.
In the United States, the rate of childhood obesity has been rising over the past three decades. Childhood obesity is an epidemic calling for an epidemic solution. There have been some solutions such as, the National School Lunch Program (NSLP), the Healthy Hunger –Free Kids Act (HHFKA), and the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act (aka the Federal Wellness Mandate). Also HBO’s, The Weight of the Nation for Kids documentary looks at the issue of childhood obesity. This three-part series of 30-minute films sheds light on solutions to the obesity problem at home and in school. It also focuses on what some kids are…

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