Essay on Childhood Obesity : America 's Obesity

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Childhood obesity in America
Imagine a society in which over-one third of its population is overweight. This basically describes a situation in the United States. America has the highest obesity rate of childhood obesity, childhood obesity has become a particular concern because of it is prevalent issues among children. In the article “Heavy Question” by Elizabeth Weil, mentions that 13 percent of pre-kindergarten and 18 percent of kindergarten students has the warning sign of diabetes. Being obese can increase the risk of developing diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood with adults ,children also suffer from being obese. To reduce childhood obesity, parents need to prioritize time to spend with their children, limit children from consuming Fast food, and encouraging more exercise. Parents need to prioritize their children 's health, by starting heathy habits at home. The journal of adolescent Health has reported that Families that eat together consume healthier food (welis 38 ). For example if parents are cooking for their children healthy meals. There would be no obesity Families’ eating together has become a rarity in America, Due to single parent that are working outside home. According to “the Role of the parents in public views of strargies to address childhood obesity in the unites states” by Wolfson, Julia A, States that parents play role in influencing and guiding their children, mothers in particulat are singles out…

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