Essay about Childhood Obesity : A World Wide Epidemic

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Childhood obesity is a rather new term but it is taking the world by storm. It is extremely hard to find an individual in this country that has not heard the term childhood obesity. Unfortunately this is a very serious problem that a large number of children in the United States are faced with. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2014), said that approximately 12.7 million or seventeen percent of children and adolescents aged two to nineteen are considered to be obese (Childhood Obesity). This is high number and it is only going to keep rising if we do not step in and do something. In fact, according to Yavuz, Ijzendoorn, Mesman and Veek (2015), “early childhood obesity has become a world-wide epidemic” (p. 677). This needs to stop. There are a number of interventions that can take place in order to help stop this number from rising and even reverse that number. Two major interventions that show a great deal of promise are focusing on the parents of the children and another is focusing on the school setting of a child.

Intervention #1: Focus on the Parents and Families

Obesity tends to be a family learn or inherited disease. It is very likely that an obese parent will raise an obese child. This is the sad truth and the reason why childhood obesity rates are rising at an alarming rate. One intervention method to end this rise is to focus on the parents and families of the young children. A study by Yavus, Ijzendoorn, Mesman and Veek (2015), examined the methods…

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