Essay on Childhood Obesity : A Significant Impact On Lifelong Health

835 Words Mar 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
Nutrition in childhood has a significant impact on lifelong health. Iron deficiency and obesity are the two most common nutritional disorders in the world. These two conditions deserve serious attention to avoid future complication especially in children. Child Obesity and Iron deficiency has increased largely worldwide with important consequences for the health of children. The review was focused on: (1) iron deficiency in obese children and the role of hepcidin in the connection between body fat and poor iron status; (2) iron status and consequences on health, in particular on cognitive function; (3) cognitive function and obesity; (4) suggestion of a possible link between cognitive dysfunction and iron deficiency in pediatric obesity; and implication for therapy and future research. Tier 1 which was the introduction explains a little background information about iron deficiency and obesity in children and its health problems associated with these two nutritional disorders. Evidence shows the childhood obesity has increased epidemically worldwide with important consequences for the health of children, increasing the risks for type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular events throughout life, and liver damages. Iron deficiency also increases the risk of anemia and impaired cognition, behavior, and motor skills. Tier 1 also explains some studies associated with obesity and iron deficiency in children and in cases a reduced response to oral iron supplement but it’s not completely…

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