Childhood Obesity : A Serious Issue Essay

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Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity has become a serious issue throughout our society. Everywhere we go now we hear about young children dealing with some type of health problem due to being obese or overweight. Obesity is having excess body fat and overweight as having excess body weight for a particular height from fat. It is a sad case when we see young children with diabetes type 2 or heart problems. It is a serious matter seeing how many deaths occur every year and how many children are diagnosed with diabetes.
Childhood obesity has become a social issue that has been rising all over the world throughout the years. As the years go by, in our society we hear more and more about childhood obesity and it has become a serious problem here in America. According to Johnson (2012) he states that at least one-third of the children living in the U.S. are obese or overweight, and it is causing the national health care to spend on these overweight children a nearing of 150 billion a year (Johnson, 2012). Johnson also states that in the United States over the past three decades overweight in children have tripled and today there is an estimated 16.9 % of U.S. children and adolescents from the ages 2 to 19 that are obese and 31.7%, which are either overweight or obese. The reason why childhood obesity is increasing and is a serious issue in our society is because fast food is cheaper and convenient. Parents nowadays do not have time to cook at home due to them being busy or…

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