Essay Childhood Obesity : A Large Dilemma

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Childhood obesity has become a large dilemma all over the U.S and continues to raise each year. Preventing childhood obesity can lie within infancy. According to Birch and Ventura, they suggest infants pick up quickly on anything you show them which is why having them develop good eating habits while they are young seems like it can really work in terms of getting them used to good portions of food and healthy choices that prevention and treatment programs that need to be reversed. They believe that by using where the children live, it can be a possible setting for intervention efforts, for prevention efforts including the family and childcare settings. Birch and Ventura offered a solution that you can start at an early age and backed it up with data. They started with early feeding practices, saying that this can have a huge difference such as breastfeeding compared to formula feeding. Both Birch and Ventura mentioned that, “breastfed infants are more accepting of foods at the first exposure and increase their consumption of and preference for to these foods to a greater extent over multiple exposures, compared with formula-fed infants”. (Preventing childhood obesity: what works? 2009) Children being taught at an early young age about good eating habits can help but this works if the guardian are well prepared. With one-fourth of the children going into preschool are already overweight, “by school entry, more than 20% of 2–5-year-old children are already at risk for…

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