Childhood Obesity : A Huge Problem For The United States Essay example

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Childhood obesity is becoming a huge concern in the United States. Most children only like the non- nutritious snacks such as Pringles, candy, and frozen meals Etc. There needs to be improvements everywhere in the United States so that way children are getting more nutritious foods on their plate. When eating there needs to be all sorts of colors on your plate. The United States has come up with a law, which was passed by congress in 2004, called the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act. According to Jay Maddock (2012) “An estimated 73 million adults and 12 million children and youth in the U.S. are already obese.” In 2014, that number has probably sky rocketed because of so many people eating what they want and not caring. Childhood obesity is becoming a huge problem for the U.S. due to economic decline, an increase in technology, and may affect children way later in life. Firstly economic decline has become a lot popular in todays society due to unemployment. The unemployment rate has risen in the last couple of years because a lot of businesses are shutting down. When you do not have a job you are always seeking for the cheapest way to get food. Fast food is the cheapest thing in the world. You can get a McChicken from McDonalds and only pay, 1.06$ but if you were to go and get produce you would pay almost double for a bag of lettuce. Fast food gets the job done to feed your family on a cheap rate. Pay to play has also came into effect in a lot of schools…

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