Essay on Childhood Obesity : A Health Issue

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A. Introduction
Childhood obesity is a health issue American’s are becoming all too familiar with. Nearly one in three children ages 2-19 are overweight or obese. Childhood obesity has nearly tripled in American children and adolescents since 1980 and it is becoming a major concern. Research has suggested that it is only going to continue to rise. There is no single reason for this rise in children being over weight, but there are a number of contributing factors; television and media, marketing of unhealthy foods, limited access to healthy and affordable foods, lack of daily physical activity, increased portion sizes, and higher consumption of sugary beverages. (Alliance For a Healthier Generation, 2016) Knowing the effects it has on children in the long run can hopefully help with minimizing these factors.
B. Description
Obesity can easily be defined as excess body fat that creates a risk for morbidity and premature mortality. It is unclear what effect an early onset of obesity in childhood has on the risk of adult morbidity and mortality. Research has shown that the heaviest of children continue to get heavier. Obese children are usually taller and have some form of advanced bone ages. Often times over weight and obese children look older than they actually are and adults expect them to act older as well. A major predictor on whether or not a child will be obese is their home environment. What kind of meals they come home to, and how involved in the child’s life a…

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