Childhood Obesity : A Crucial Problem Essay

1557 Words Dec 17th, 2014 7 Pages
Childhood obesity is a crucial problem that we are facing today. Many children have become obese these days and there seems no solution to be made. Companies became too self-focused that they barely care about their customers. All these advertisements about fast unhealthy junk food are causing our beautiful innocent children to be controlled by them. Also, we need to eat to survive, but overeating decreases our chances to stay alive in this world. Not exercising and not taking enough care of our bodies can lead to serious problems that are so hard to treat. These are good reasons for childhood obesity to increase enormously now days, but there is more that is making childhood obesity keep on increasing in the United States, such as: sleeping duration-issues with sleeping- is a good reason for children and teens to become obese. Sleeping duration means either too much sleep or too little time sleeping, either way it is dangerous for children because it makes them gain weight. Parents, without them we would be extinct. Parents’ job is not only giving birth to children. They raise them, they take good care of them, and they give them the love they need. These days, parents have forgotten to do some of their work. They either do not take enough care of their children, which makes their children have some internal issues and might lead to obesity, or that they give them too much love and buy them all the candy they want to make them happy, either way their children are mostly…

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