Childhood Obesity : A Community Health Needs Assessment Essay

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The Precede-Proceed Model effectively applies to Norfolk, Virginia’s battle with childhood obesity. This model is one of the most popular models in health education with eight phases to provide guidance in planning any health program (Sharma & Romas, 2012, p. 41). Norfolk, Virginia applied the first phase of social assessment by identifying the concern of childhood obesity within their city. Childhood obesity remains a concern for the community of Norfolk as indicated in a Community Health Needs Assessment that was completed in May 2013 by Community Health Solutions. Based on the assessment, Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters identified the following prioritized list of community health needs: 1. Child Abuse, 2. Childhood Obesity, 3. Infant mortality/morbidity, 4. Health promotion and prevention (“A Community Health Needs Assessment”, 2013). By articulating the need to address childhood obesity the city of Norfolk identified and implored the resources that could be used to aid in obesity prevention. In the Community Health Needs Assessment the study region examines the health risk for youth age 14-19 and indicates that 30% are overweight or obese, 89% consume less than the recommended amount of vegetables, 85% consume less than the recommended amount of fruits, and 15% had no physical activity in the past week (“A Community Health Needs Assessment”, 2013). Programs for increased physical activity, improved nutrition, and weight management are areas that…

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