Childhood Is A Good Thing Right? Essay

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Childhood, that sound like a good thing right? Have you thought of what can happen during that time of being a kid and turning into an adult. Just imagine all the worst possible things that could happen and all of them happening all at once. That 's how i felt at a certain point in my life.
I had a couple friends during school and of course they are awesome but most people know that you can only have one best friend. That pair of words “Best Friend”. When you think about it, it 's the person that you trust and believe in for anything or the person that supports you for when everything goes downhill.
Can you remember when you had your best friend or how it actually started. I actually do remember how. It all started when I went to one of my cousins house and a lot of people cames from my mom 's side of the family. So one of my cousins came and brought someone that wasn 't part of the family. One day i saw her and I didn 't know but it looked like she was down. I went up to her and wanted to see if i could help in any way. I made her smile from the looks of it and actually made her laugh which surprised me because i really never make anyone laugh back then.
So some time went by and I say we actually became best of friends and we trusted each other very well. We talked about things we liked, wanted, tips and opinions from each other. Although it was awesome to be with her and talk about everything we noticed a flaw in the friendship. I lived in the opposite sides of the…

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