Essay on Childhood Health Is Growing Concern

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In compare with national trends, a third of Orange County children are overweight or obese, and in low-income cities like Santa Ana, as many as half of the children are overweight. Latina women are nearly twice as likely to be obese as compared to the overall population. Diabetes and heart disease, are two obesity-related diseases, and are on the rise. Mental health is growing concern. Hospitalization for major depression among children has jumped 28 percent since 2003. Deaths from drug abuse, suicide and alcohol-related liver disease are on the rise (The Orange County Register August 10, 2015).
Assessment for Santa Ana windshield survey: The nursing students started their windshield survey along Parton and Civic Center Drive. They noticed the dirty streets and sidewalks, the barred houses have low ceiling with unkempt backyards. They noticed several Hispanic American women with their children was crossing the street because there was no cross walk; several homeless individuals were seen along the sidewalks. The sidewalk’s walls were covered with graffiti and brown smears. As they drove towards Santa Ana Boulevard, hundreds of homeless populations were seen sleeping in the front yard of Santa Ana Courthouse and in front of Santa Ana Library, homeless tents were seen alongside the street, around the Court House, City Hall, Plaza of the Flag, and portable toilets can be seen to the adjacent street. Several religious groups were seen distributing free food, clothes,…

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