Childhood Fear Research Paper

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Childhood fears

Childhood fears
In adults, the fear - it is a psychological reaction caused by the instinct of self-preservation.

The mechanism of special children's fears. Children are often afraid of things, is not able to bring them harm in real life.

Fears of children are developing, together with an active imagination works.

Some fear a child can "grow", and in order to overcome the other, you may need assistance to adults or even a psychologist.

Causes of childhood fears

The tendency to the appearance of fears have each child. Poor, if the parents do not know about his behavior and only provoke further development of the baby phobias.

The educational purposes moms and dads often use intimidation method.

The simplest example:
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5 experienced a stressful situation. The child has a negative experience with the object of fear. If a child is left without parents in a dark room, it is possible that his fear of the dark will. If the baby was bitten by a dog, it is unlikely in the near future he will agree to come close to other animals.

The age of children fears

Fears are normal for the age of the baby, fade with time. Sample table of age children's fears as follows:

0-6 months - fears are reflexive in nature: manifested reaction to loud noises or the approach of a large-sized object, no mother or her bad mood.

detskie-strahi7-12 months - a child afraid of strangers, unexpected change of scenery, travel and travel.

1-2 years - long separation from parents, fear of painful sensations. At this age, children begin to disturb the bad dreams because of the sharp increase of mental and emotional development.

2-3 years - fear their children (particularly evident in adapting to to kindergarten), natural events (thunder, lightning), dark, big and incomprehensible objects - airplanes, automobiles, household
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It appears fear of negative events: robberies, diseases, natural disasters.

6-7 years - fear of loneliness, anxiety before school - children are afraid, do not meet the expectations of their parents. On the child also produce a negative impression of fairy-tale characters.

7-8 years - experience related to the school: the fear of being late to school, unable to cope with the curriculum, the staff of rejection. Returns fear of the dark, and natural disasters.

8-10 years - the fear of being inconsistent in their studies or games, to be caught in a lie, or other misconduct. Children are afraid of losing their parents, or to be with them in the quarrel, and the people who represent a danger: hooligans, drug addicts.

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How to deal with children's fears?

Adults should perceive and evaluate the child's fears seriously. Do not be ashamed, let alone punish the kid for what he is afraid of

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