Essay about Childhood : Emotional And Behavioural Impacts

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ADHD in Middle Childhood: Emotional and Behavioural Impacts
In 2011, up to 191,000 Australian children, ages 5-14, may have been diagnosed with an externalising disorder called attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (ABS, 2011; Lawrence et al., 2015). These children would have faced a wide range of issues requiring additional support from parents, teachers and counsellors to reach their goals at home and school. Five years later, the Australian population has increased significantly, thus the number of children and parents struggling with ADHD have also increased (ABS, 2016). As a psychologist, I aspire to work with at-risk families providing counselling and resources that will reduce negative academic, social and psychological outcomes associated with ADHD. This research paper will address (1) what ADHD is, (2) the corresponding impacts of, (3) assessment and diagnosis of, and (4) best practice intervention strategies.
Information Sources
The method used to acquire information for this paper is demonstrated in
Figure 1- Method used to acquire research information found on p.3. Additionally, Table A1 of Appendix A provides a summary table of the key research used. While this is not my normal approach to research, I have endeavoured to fulfil the requirements of this assignment. My usual approach to research is to make notes in my referencing software and organise my information according to headings and paraphrase from my notes followed by including…

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