Childhood Education : An Important Factor On The Success Of Students All Over The World

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Growing up around educators and starting my learning journey at an early age, a thought never crossed my mind: “I really am lucky to have all these people care about my future success.” Not everyone is as fortunate as I am. Early Childhood Education or ECE is an important factor on the success of students all over the world.
Last school year, I had planned on starting a book club at one of the feeder schools for my high school, to try to promote reading and boost literacy levels for the school. Literacy is a core factor that plays into a person’s success in the future. However, literacy levels, whether competent or not depends on environmental factors such as: location globally and locally, socioeconomic status, and home environment, and what the child wants to be when they grow up.
Socioeconomic status contributes to progress in literacy levels because if people have the funds for resources such as daycare, or anything else that can help child get ahead on their learning experience, like a private tutor or a private school. Although some families who are poor may be eligible for scholarships to private schools, those who are not eligible have to fend for themselves. However, sometimes a child can get a good beginning to their learning experience from a close family friend, or someone who can help them without them having to pay much or pay at all. Much like my experience, my grandmother helped me out a lot in the beginning because she was a retired school teacher and she…

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