Childhood Development : Learning And The Construction Of Knowledge Through Social Interactions

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My childhood story corresponded with the early childhood section that we have talked about in class. Early childhood according to book includes children between the ages of 2 to 7 years old. At the time of the event that I could recall I was six going on seven. Trying to reflect on aspects of childhood development is hard for this section of the paper, because I wrote about the aspects that apply to my story in the connection part of this assignment. In a way my reflection was combined with the connection section. However, I did notice some other aspects of early childhood development in my story. For example, I learned about cognitive developmental changes such as the Vygotsky’s theory in the social constructivist approach. According to the book, the theory, “emphasizes the social contexts of learning and the construction of knowledge through social interactions” (144). This theory relates to my childhood story, because I learned an experience that proved Vygotsky’s theory. I learned social contexts by having verbal interactions with my mom in the car talking about what a birthday was, and what happened at those types of events. I was able to gain more knowledge about this specific event through social interactions with my mom. There are many other developmental aspects that I could talk about, but there are no more that I can relate to my piece without repeating what is below in the next section.
My story has at least three different aspects of development.…

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