Childhood Development : A Child 's Development Essay examples

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18 words a day keeps illiteracy at bay. A child 's first words are more important that you think. Language development is almost obviously important in a child’s development, but not every parent knows how to help it along properly. There are assortments of factors which come into play. A child 's environment is very important. Children in lower financial class tend to be in a lower quality language development. All a child wants to do is explore and learn about what’s around them, but what they learn will depend on the parent. A child is always listening, even in the womb. What you say to the child is important but so is what you say around the child to other people. The T.V and music can influence a child 's language greatly. Most parents may think that big or crude words mean nothing to a child, but the more they hear it, the more likely they will repeat it.
Throughout the years many psychologists and scientists have been studying early childhood development. Studies have shown that every child goes through the same steps of language development. In a child 's development they will learn roughly 18 words everyday of their mother tongue. The first step is the prelinguistic period, which is the when a child is between the ages of 0 and 15 months old. At this age the child has not yet acquired their first word. By 3 days old a child can already recognize their mother’s voices as well as showing preference for language over music. The second step is the…

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