Essay on Childhood and Child Welfare in Progressive Era

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History 131: U.S. History since 1877

Quinney Spring 2010


Based on your reading of The American Promise and James Marten, Childhood and Child Welfare in the Progressive Era, answer the following essay prompt. Your essay should be a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 1500 words. Be sure to make specific reference to and cite specific examples from your reading as evidence to support your answer.

1. Define the Progressive movement in your own words. 2. Begin by identifying the basic beliefs and goals of the movement, 3. Then explain why reformers were motivated to improve the lives of city children, in particular. 4. In your answer, identify three (3) documents included in
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|one or two aspects of |prompt are addressed, but |is addressed. |is addressed with focused |
| | |the prompt. |others are ignored | |attention. |
|Organization |(6 points) |(7 points) |(8 points) |(9 points) Writing |(10 points) |
| |The essay is unclear with |The main points of the |Writing has minimal |follows a logical |Writing is clear, logical, |
| |no organization. |essay are ambiguous. |organization and a basic |organization, but |and very organized around a |
| | | |thesis statement. |sometimes drifts from |developed thesis. |
| | | | |the thesis. | |
|Evidence |(6 points) |(7

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