Childhood And Adulthood : Child Abuse Essay

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Childhood Versus Adulthood Child abuse in the United States is heinously common. Over 600,000 American children are thought to be the victims of some form of neglect or maltreatment each year. While cases of their abuse are frequently the focus of large media attention, their stories often go unheeded as the years progress. By the time these child victims become survivors, many have been forgotten. Once they are away from the public eye, people do not seem to care much about them as adults. Often, people will make villains out of the victims, and attribute mistakes made as adults to their past abuse. Many believe that if a person was neglected as a child, then they can never become a productive and functioning adult. However, this is far from the truth. Therefore, if a child is abused, they can still become productive when they are older if they seek the proper help, focus on something other than their pain, and if they possess hope for the future. To begin, an abused child can be successful as an adult if they are counseled and taken care of. Significant neglect can cause a myriad of other problems for those affected. In a study published by the United States government, it states:
Severe or repeated trauma during youth may have enduring effects on both neurobiological and psychological development, altering stress responsivity and adult behavior patterns. Perhaps the best documented evidence of such enduring effects has been shown in young adults who experienced severe…

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