Essay on Childhood Abuse And Child Abuse

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Everyday millions of children under the age of 15 are being abused mentally, emotionally, and or physically and many are in situations that they can not escape. Did you know there is a whole month devoted to child abuse? It is April but is one month enough for those kids who are hanging in there everyday. In America there is a lack of awareness about child abuse and child abuse prevention. It is not an easy thing to talk about nor do people want to talk about it but if nothing is ever said or make aware those people that might be able to help then those will never get a chance. There needs to be daily reminders about this hidden epidemic either in forms of t.v advertisements, PSA’s, and really any forms of communication with the public.
My personal experience comes from a root of loving and caring for children. Growing up I had 9 nieces and nephews that I took care of and still taking care of. I love all children and I babysit for friends, family, and community. I hate abuse in every form not just children but animals, adults, relationship, and abuse in general. It is a war that is not getting enough awareness or attention. I see all these videos on facebook and other social media that has these horrific scenes about child abuse and animal abuse but never anything about helping or prevention any form of abuse. I know that abuse will never be stopped but if one person gets more knowledge there just might be a chance that a child will and can be saved.
In “Making Child Abuse…

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